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Daily Goodie Box Review

In this video, we take a look at Daily Goodie Box, a subscription box that despite the name, is a monthly box that is FREE! This box is instead a box of product samples, sent to you for review! All you have to do is go to to sign up, and next month you may get a box of your own!*

We took a look at a few products that were sent to us so kindly by the folks at Daily Goodie Box, and wrote a bit about the opinions we shared in the video.


Gary Poppins Lite Popcorn

This is a nice, good quality popcorn. However, though the bag was labeled ‘Simply Sea Salt’ there wasn’t but a hint of salt to it. I wouldn’t really expect it to be ocean salty, but it could use a little more salt. It seems to be an air-popped variety of popcorn, and somehow seemed lighter in weight than some other popcorn I’ve tried previously. If you’re in the mood for popcorn, this is a brand worth buying, but I would perhaps add a little extra salt.


Dream Water Sleep Powder

Travis was the one to try the Snoozeberry Dream Water Sleep powder, and from his experience, it seems to work! We were both a bit hesitant to believe the claims of this drink mix, but he did see a difference in his ease of falling asleep. I’m not really sure if this is a plus or a minus, but when mixed with water, he indicated that it didn’t have much of a taste. But I think if something says that it’s some kind of berry flavor, I would personally expect a bit more than a slight hint of a taste. I don’t have any issues falling asleep myself, but since this seemed to have actually helped, I would say that it’s worth a shot if you have some nights of difficulty falling asleep (but I wouldn’t substitute this for medicine).


Herr’s Popped Tangy BBQ Chips

Texturally, Travis thought that these were okay snacks. They are a bit reminiscent of rice cakes, and closely mimic the Special K Popped Chips. However, the Tangy BBQ flavor didn’t really come through. There was a bit of a sweet and tangy taste to them, but they just didn’t deliver on that BBQ flavor that one expects from a BBQ chip. He said that they were fairly bland, and the coating was very unevenly distributed. In Travis’ opinion, they were good as a free snack, but nothing he’d buy himself.

Älsa – Energy Drink Mix

I tried the Pomegranate Blueberry First, and then I tried the Dragon Fruit. The Pomegranate Blueberry tasted okay, and the Dragon Fruit didn’t taste very good. It seemed to have a somewhat chemical-like taste to it and it smelled reminiscent of the Bottle Caps candies. It almost seemed to have a chalky smell to it, if there really is such a thing. The Pomegranate Blueberry did have a bit of this, but not as bad as the Dragon Fruit. As for the actual effect of the mix, I would say that I didn’t really feel any different even 15-20 minutes after. Something about secret and proprietary blends of ingredients doesn’t make me too hopeful that a product will do anything. If I were to see this available in the store, I would probably be interested at first, just looking at the packaging, however having actually tried this drink mix, I would definitely pass it by.

Natralia – Anti-itch Soothing Cream

This oatmeal based anti-itch cream was something that we were both able to try, and we have to say that it worked for us. It does have a little menthol smell to it, but that quickly dissipates along with that itch. If we were in need of an itch cream, I think that this is definitely something we would search out to use. I know I’ll be keeping it handy this coming spring/summer for bug bites or sunburnt skin.


RawRev – Raw Superfood Bars

We received the Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate, and Sea Salt variety of this superfood bar. It’s ingredient list does have a lot of raw ingredients, however it also has some weird stuff that we had trouble pronouncing. We were still willing to give it a shot though. The appearance and texture was very similar to other energy and protein bars we’ve tried, a bit mealy and soft, almost like a chocolate taffy with ground peanuts in it. We most definitely didn’t like the taste of this bar. If it were some kind of end-of-the-world scenerio, I could see myself eating something like this, but only after I’ve eaten almost everything else. It had a dark bitter chocolate and peanut taste with an odd chemically note to it.


EM+PACT – Protein & Energy Bars

We were a bit worried going in to this bar after trying the Raw Superfood bar. Especially considering we had the Maple-Pecan flavored bar. It just didn’t sound that great to begin with. I’m not a huge fan of pecans. When we removed it from the packaging, the first thing we noticed was that it looked almost like every other protein bar out there. The next thing we noticed was the smell, which was quite a pungent thing to experience. Even so, we were willing to give it a shot in the flavor department. This was a mistake. The texture was that of a sticky tootsie roll, and the flavor was just awful. I don’t know how this got past any kind of taste testing. It was quite difficult to continue chewing this bar.


Overall, Daily Goodie box is a cool service. Even though we didn’t like some of the products, we still want to give our honest opinion. That’s pretty much the whole purpose of this service, to tell companies whether their products are something we would buy and use in our daily lives. We certainly hope that we’re lucky enough to get another box. Keep an eye here, and on our Youtube channel, to see if we get another!













*Boxes are distributed in a lottery-like system.


Nerf Accustrike is coming!

The beginning of the Nerf Accustrike line has now been announced! The Nerf R&D Team has apparently been hard at work developing new darts and blasters to go along with them! These specialized Darts are the familiar orange foam, tipped with a grey rubberized plastic that’s quite similar in overall shape to the Streamline tip but with notches that appear as though they may cause the dart to spin. We assume this is what causes the darts to have the increased accuracy claimed in the descriptions of the blasters.

Nerf Accustrike Dart

It’s interesting to note that there are no range claims along with these blasters (though they are called N-Strike Elite blasters). This makes us wonder if there is a trade off in distance with the better accuracy, and how well these darts will work in magazine-fed blasters. We believe they will work of course, but will the power of other Elite blasters reduce the accuracy of the dart? We’ll have to wait a bit to see whether that’s true, because the Accustrike blasters are set to hit shelves in Spring of 2017.

However, not all of us will have to wait that long. Namely those of us that have been keeping up with the Nerf Perks program. Starting in December, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Alphahawk will be available on as one of the possible rewards to use your accumulated points. No word on how many points you’ll need, but using the other products as a guide, we expect it to be around 3800 points (based on the retail price of the Alphahawk and the Brainsaw, both $29.99). To get you a little closer to that goal, the people at Nerf have given us a special promo code for our readers/viewers! Use the promo code nerddrop2016 before November 5th, 2016 and you’ll receive 100 bonus points!




(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Spring 2017)

The NERF N-STRIKE ELITE ACCUSTRIKE ALPHAHAWK blaster lets players experience the best in performance and precision the NERF brand has to offer! This bolt action blaster with a five dart rotating drum, and integrated sight and stock is designed to line up your shot for precision targeting. Includes 10 ACCUSTRIKE series NERF darts. Available at most major toy retailers and at




(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Spring 2017)

You can hit YOUR mark with precision with the NERF N-STRIKE FALCONFIRE blaster! The ACCUSTRIKE series darts are designed for greater accuracy. Just load one dart into the top of this single-shot blaster, take aim, and fire! Includes six ACCUSTRIKE series NERF darts. Available at most major toy retailers and at




(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 2017)

Find your target and take a shot with the NERF REBELLE FOCUS FIRE blaster. This front-loading crossbow-style blaster offers NERF REBELLE fans the chance to hit their mark with increased accuracy and precision. Includes five ACCUSTRIKE series NERF REBELLE darts. Available at most major toy retailers and at




(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Spring 2017)

When the battle is on, your aim is true with the NERF REBELLE TRUEPOINT blaster. Featuring a red light beam to help fans pinpoint the target, the TRUEPOINT blaster fires one ACCUSTRIKE series NERF REBELLE dart at a time with increased precision. Includes six ACCUSTRIKE series NERF REBELLE darts. Available at most major toy retailers and at

Zuru X-Shot Bug Attack Value Pack Review

In this video, we take a look at the Zuru X-Shot Bug Attack Rapid Fire and Eliminator from the Bug Attack Value Pack.

Note that we had trouble finding the Value Pack for sale, but they can both be found at Toys ‘R Us. The Eliminator for $14.99, and the Rapid Fire for $9.99.

Zuru X-Shot Bug Attack Eliminator ($14.99 at Toys ‘R Us)

Zuru X-Shot Bug Attack Rapid Fire ($9.99 at Toys ‘R Us)


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Precision RBS (Rubber Band System) Chiron Blaster Review

In this video, we take a look at the Precision Rubber Band System; specifically, the Chiron Blaster.

Where to buy:…

Precision RBS’ Youtube Channel:…


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Nerf Doomlands 2169 Persuader Review

In this video, we take a look at the Nerf Doomlands 2169 Persuader!

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Nerf Mega Lightning Bow Review

In this video, we take a look at the Nerf Mega Lightning bow!


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New York Toy Fair 2016 – Nerf Reveals new line and more!

The new blaster reveals from the New York Toy Fair have begun! We start with Nerf, the images were found by UK Nerf and posted on facebook. As far as we know, these new blasters haven’t been seen at Toyfair, but we have all the information about them. We can only assume it may be something they’re not showing everyone.


Alien Menace

The new Alien Menace blasters look very interesting. Unlike much of modern Nerf, these have a very techno-organic feel to them. These particular blasters appear to be renders, so not exactly the final product, but nonetheless, I am very interested in getting my hands on these. And those prices aren’t nearly as hefty as those of the blasters that were revealed a couple of weeks ago. The Alien Menace blasters are listed as being exclusive to Toys ‘R Us, and with as ‘out there’ as these designs seem, it would make sense that these wouldn’t hit the shelves of most retailers.

Alien Menace Incisor rsz

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99/Available: Fall 2016)
Defeat otherworldly foes in epic fashion with the motorized ALIEN MENACE INCISOR blaster, featuring motorized blasting power! The INCISOR blaster includes a 16-dart capacity, and unique ALIEN MENACE designs. Includes 16 ALIEN MENACE darts. Requires 4AA batteries, not included. Available exclusively at Toys ‘R Us.

Alien Menace Ravager rsz

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 2016)
Win the battle for humanity’s survival with the ALIEN MENACE RAVAGER blaster in hand. The RAVAGER blaster boasts 8 dart pump-action firing power and rotating barrel. Includes 8 ALIEN MENACE darts. Available exclusively at Toys ‘R Us.”


Doomlands: Impact Zone

The original Doomlands blasters (the Lawbringer, Vagabond, and Persuader) have a certain style to them, and the newer Doomlands blasters seem to break with this style while seeming to keep with the theme of an apocalyptic 2169. I definitely really like the Desolator and Longarm, I’m only hoping we’ll see decent performance to match how cool they look. The Longarm definitely looks like a Spectre without the barrel extension and stock attachment points. And that brings up something that I think these blasters are missing: they aren’t Modulus blasters. If these had barrel extension attachment points and the Longarm had a stock attachment point, I would be even more excited for them.


Doomlands Impact Zone Desolator

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 2016)
Blast away injustice with the DOOMLANDS: IMPACT ZONE DESOLATOR blaster! The DESOLATOR blaster features a 10 dart clip, visible mechanisms and electronic blasting capability, to arm heroes with extreme firepower. Requires 4 “AA” batteries, not included. Includes 10-dart clip and 10 DOOMLANDS: IMPACT ZONE darts.

Doomlands Impact Zone Longarm

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Fall 2016)
Stride confidently into battle with the DOOMLANDS: IMPACT ZONE LONGARM blaster in hand. The visible mechanisms allow fans to see as the 5-dart rotating cylinder blasts away opponents near and far. Includes 5 DOOMLANDS: IMPACT ZONE darts. Available exclusively at Target.

Elite Pocketstrike

This is not the largest blaster we have this year, and it’s not designed to be. As it’s name would lead you to believe, it’s meant to be a pocketable blaster, and though it looks weird, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this and seeing how comfortable it is in my pockets, unlike the Jolt (the blaster, while small, had a priming handle that would stab in to your leg).

N-Strike Elite Pocketstrike

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $7.99/Available: Fall 2016)
Don’t let the size of this blaster fool you! The NERF N-STRIKE ELITE POCKETSTRIKE Blaster is small enough to be pocketsized, but doesn’t compromise on power. Includes two ELITE darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and



This new Rival blaster that joins the Khaos blaster in coming out later this year is definitely a curious thing that I really want to see in action. It’s about time that Hasbro releases a shotgun-style Rival blaster, and I honestly thought something like this would have come out closer to the original release of the Zeus and Apollo. The Rival Atlas comes with a 12-round magazine and 24 Rival Rounds, and fires 2 rounds at a time! What I’d really like to know is how they manage two rounds out of one barrel. There are multiple ways one could make it work, but since this appears to not need batteries, I’d think it fires somewhat like the Apollo. Assuming that, I’m concerned that this blaster will be an under-performer using the same mechanism as the Apollo. Then again I may be completely wrong in assuming the mechanism is the same or similar to the Apollo.RIVAL ATLAS XVI-1200

(Ages 14 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99/Available: Fall 2016)
Double the shots, double the action with the RIVAL ATLAS XVI-1200 blaster! Fans can grab the ATLAS XVI-1200 blaster to support their team, firing two NERF RIVAL foam rounds at a time. This blaster features a 12 round capacity magazine and includes 24 foam rounds. Available in red or blue, each sold separately. Includes 24 NERF RIVAL foam rounds. Available at most major retailers nationwide and



On the Modulus side of things, we have the Tactical Gear assortment which appears to be 3 accessories that will be sold separately from each other (as the price is $7.99). The blaster is an over-under 2-barreled grip, and it’s joined by a flashlight (torch) and a targeting beam (laser-like accessory). I’m glad that Hasbro has finally come out with an under-mount blaster for the Modulus. As a matter of fact, all three of these of these accessories are a long-time coming, as they’re actually somewhat practical.

Tactical Gear Assortment

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $7.99/Available: Fall 2016)
When it comes to high-intensity missions, the only way to succeed is to upgrade! Plan the best battle strategy, then add on gear that delivers a tactical advantage. Includes tactical light, targeting beam, and two-shot rail mount grip. Available at most major retailers nationwide and


So what do you think of these somewhat-more-affordable blasters slated for fall of 2016?

10 Places to buy Blasters online

Finding Nerf, BoomCo, Zing, Zuru, BuzzBee, and other blasters isn’t too difficult, but there are more than just the obvious big box stores to buy them from online. Some stores have exclusive series or individual blasters, so places like Amazon or eBay may have the same blaster for a significantly higher price (Exclusives are noted where possible).

  • – One of the best places to find all of the brands listed above in one spot. They don’t have sales on blasters as often as some of the other places on this list, but if you have Amazon Prime, you can’t beat free shipping. (Nerf, BoomCo, Zing, Zuru, BuzzBee, Prime Time Toys (Dart Zone))
  • – A good place to find Nerf, Boomco, and BuzzBee blasters. They don’t have the largest selection of each brand, but they have a good selection of a large number of brands at prices that are often slightly below MSRP because they are such a large retailer.
  • – Target often has exclusive rights to blasters for a period of time (usually the first year a series is out). Current exclusives are: Nerf Doomlands (expected to end some time in the middle of 2016), BoomCo Colossal Blitz, BoomCo White & Blue Breakflip, BoomCo White & Blue Flipbow, and Prime Time Toys’ Dart Zone Powerbolt. (Nerf, BoomCo, Zing, Zuru, BuzzBee, Prime Time Toys)
  • – K-Mart offers a wide selection of blasters across many brands. Like Target or Walmart, they often have sales and offer prices at or below MSRP.  (Nerf, Zing, Zuru, BuzzBee)
  • – They only carry Nerf and BoomCo blasters currently. Prices can be lower or up to 25% higher than MSRP, so you should definitely compare each blaster’s price to the same blaster on other stores listed here. (Nerf, BoomCo)
  • – A good place to find Nerf Blasters at or below MSRP, since it’s Hasbro’s official online store.
  • – A good place to find BoomCo Blasters at or below MSRP, since it’s Mattel’s official online store.
  • eBay – A good place to find blasters, accessories, off-brand darts, and more. You can find new and used blasters, and is the best place to find blasters that are no longer available on store shelves.
  • Nerf Exchange SubReddit – A great place to find used blasters of all sorts, and you have the benefit of being able to post that you want to buy a certain blaster, blaster part, or accessory. The major down side is that you have to arrange payment yourself and you take a risk in buying from someone you may not know.
  • Taobao – Taobao is a Chinese website that offers many different ‘knockoff’ and name brand blasters, as well as accessories and ammo. If you’re purchasing from the US or another western country, you’ll probably need to go through a purchasing agent (such as or in order to buy something. They’ll charge a percentage of the sale price to buy it and send it on to you. It will take a bit longer than many of the other sites in this list, but you can often find things here that can’t be found elsewhere. Be sure to read up on one of the agent websites to better understand how the transaction works. It’s not as straightforward as the other sites listed here.  (Nerf, BoomCo, Zing, Zuru, BuzzBee, Prime Time Toys (Dart Zone))


Honorable Mention

  • – Shop Goodwill is the online marketplace that Goodwill hosts, and has many different items available for purchase. They don’t have the largest selection of blasters, and often times they are rather generically listed, but they do offer discounted lots of old and new blasters. If you’re looking for a deal on an older blaster, it may be worth checking this site periodically.



Do you have any other places that you buy blasters online? Leave a comment below with your suggestions, we always love hearing from you!

Last Nerf reveal before NY Toy Fair 2016 – Modulus Battlescout

Here we have the final reveal before the New York 2016 Toy Fair; the Nerf Modulus Battlescout ICS-10! The Battlescout is a spring-powered blaster (it may have slam-fire, we’re not sure yet) that uses a new style of integrated clip similar to the Magstrike (and BoomCo blasters), but only has one row of darts. I’m hoping that the clip will be removable and there will be extra available in the future, but I’m waiting on some more information from Hasbro about that.

The blaster has a $70 price tag, and for the blaster alone, that would be way too expensive. Most of the cost is due to the brand-new HD camera tactical rail accessory that’s included. There’s no word yet as to the exact specifications on the camera, other than it’ll need 4 – AAA batteries and record in 720p. We’re hoping that it’ll have a small screen, record in 60 frames per second, and use a decently sizable micro-sd card for storage.

This blaster seems to be the last blaster before toy fair, but we believe that there will be at least a few more blasters revealed at toy fair that’ll be at a price point below $40. We’ll be sure to release an update if we get more information not available in the description below.

NERF Modulus Battlescout - MEDRES


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $69.99/Available: Fall 2016)

Dominate the battlefield and record every victory with the NERF N-STRIKE MODULUS BATTLESCOUT ICS-10 Blaster! Featuring a high definition MODULUS camera, this 10-dart integrated clip-fed blaster captures the excitement of every mission. Share videos and photos of battles with friends to see who has the best shot! Includes detachable 720pHD camera and 10 MODULUS darts. Requires 4 “AAA” batteries, not included. Available at most major retailers nationwide and

Two more new Nerf blasters revealed ahead of NY Toy Fair 2016!

Another week, another set of blasters revealed! This week, we have two blasters from lines that weren’t represented in last week’s set. Popular Mechanics was the site chosen this week to reveal the Doomlands Double Dealer and Zombie Strike Brainsaw to the world.

Let me assure you, though some of the blasters we’ve had revealed to us are renders, they are quite real. This is official information from Nerf’s PR team, and they haven’t ever released information that was fabricated. Those of us who were lucky enough to be invited to Hasbro’s Rhode Island headquarters were also lucky enough to be shown two blasters that we weren’t allowed to reveal until Hasbro released official information on them. The Tri-Strike was one, and the Brainsaw was the other that we were able to check out up close.

The Brainsaw is pretty cool, and is a mash-up of a Crosscut and a Roughcut. It’s a pretty straightforward blaster, with a pull-handle on the side (just behind the carry handle on top) that rotates the blade at the front. Note that this isn’t an actual chain saw, and the teeth on the top and bottom of the blaster are just for show. They told us they tried to make a blaster with a foam chainsaw on it, but it didn’t quite work out.

We don’t have the official descriptions quite yet, but we do know that the Brainsaw will be $30 and the Double-Dealer will be $40. We’re thinking that the Double-Dealer will be a target exclusive along with the other Doomlands products, but we’ll have to wait for the official description to be sure.

Check back here later today, we’ll add the descriptions as soon as they’re sent to us!

UPDATE: The descriptions are now below the pictures, and it looks like the Double-Dealer will be coming to multiple retailers!



(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 2016)

For the ultimate zombie hunter, the NERF ZOMBIE STRIKE BRAINSAW Blaster offers two ways to repel the hordes! Fire up to eight ZOMBIE STRIKE darts at the undead, and then finish the job with the spinning foam saw blade. Includes eight ZOMBIE STRIKE darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and



(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99/Available: Fall 2016)

Defend the barren landscape with the possibility of taking down targets two at a time with the DOUBLE-DEALER blaster. This high-capacity blaster features two clear 12-dart clips, clear top design with visible firing mechanisms, and boasts pump-action firing with slam-fire capability. Each pull of the DOUBLE-DEALER blaster trigger fires two darts simultaneously! Includes two 12-dart clips and 24 DOOMLANDS darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and