Dart Zone Powerbolt blaster revealed

Prime Time toys revealed to us that their latest blaster, the Powerbolt will be a Target exclusive, set to be released this fall for $19.99.

The Powerbolt is the latest addition to the growing Dart Zone® family of blasters. It is the first pump-action belt fed blaster in the line. That’s right–this rapid-fire blaster requires NO BATTERIES and its kid powered pump-action will still launch Super Darts across a room (or two!) or across the yard.

This blaster will be a Target exclusive for the last quarter of 2015, but is set for wider release in 2016. As you can see in the image below, it’ll come with two 18-round belts and enough of their super darts to fill them.

PowerboltImage1We’re looking forward to getting our hands on one to test, as we were very impressed with its gatling-gun-style cousin. Stay tuned in to Nerddrop.com for more information as we receive it, and follow our twitter account at twitter.com/nerddrop!


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