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Heading to Hasbro HQ this week!

This week, Travis and I will be meeting up with several other bloggers (from ClickClickBamf, FoamFromAbove, ShiningFoam, BlasterLabs, NerfHaven, and Drac) at Hasbro Headquarters in Rhode Island! We are so very excited to have this opportunity that’s been afforded to so very few members of the Nerf Community in the past (so far as we know, only a few from NerfHaven had been invited about 7 or 8 years ago).

We’d like you to give us your questions for the Nerf Team, and we’ll try to provide any answers that we can! We’ve had to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to take this tour, so we won’t be able to share everything we see and hear, but we’ll be sure to ask all of the questions we can. We’ll route the questions through our liaison to determine if we’ll be allowed to talk about the answers, and share all we can!

So please comment below and/or tweet your questions to @NerdDrop

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