Marshmallow Fun enters the foam fray

Our friend Vas at FoamFromAbove has been following Marshmallow Fun for some time, but we’ve not been that interested in them…         …until now! Mostly because we’re not huge fans of disposable ammo (even if it’s delicious). At New York ToyFair, they’ve revealed that they’re coming out with two different ammo types for two new blaster lines!


Above you can see their new ‘Orb’ ammo, which are reminiscent of the Koosh Vortex ammo (or at least has a similar idea behind it) and below is the Helix blaster. I’m very interested in this ammo and the blasters that will fire it, they’ve completely come out and surprised me with them. I would think that these orbs will get a good range due to the effect of the airfoil  (Though they don’t seem like TRUE airfoils, they could benefit from the same principle).

10868206_10152709257145678_7638135389283559618_n (1)

The Foamfury blaster by all appearances is the same as their Marshmallow Shooters line, except this blaster comes with little earplug-like foam pellets. Whether or not these pellets will be cross compatible with those blasters we don’t know yet, but we’re excited to get our hands on them!


Check the links below and back here at Nerd Drop for more information on these and more as we get it!

(Thanks to Vas at FoamFromAbove for allowing us to use his images and sharing information)



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