Nerf & DudePerfect announce new sports toy line

Nerf is expanding it’s relationship with DudePerfect, the highly viewed Youtube sports action channel. They’ll be releasing a series of Nerf Action Sports items in 2016, starting with the Perfectshot Hoops and Perfectsmash Football sets.

The first two items in the 2016 Dude Perfect NERF lineup include the PERFECT SHOT HOOPS Set and PERFECT SMASH Football which can be used indoors or outdoors and feature advanced designs allowing for greater trick shots and action-packed challenges. The sets will be available for $19.99 for ages 6 years and up at major retailers nationwide and The co-branded line will continued to expand in 2016, more details to come.

Known for their trick shot videos in the Nerf community, these sports action toys also can be used in various ways to create your own trick shot videos!


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