Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator

Looks like another blaster has dropped on to the Nerf scene, this time the Nerdist has got the scoop on this one. The Doominator is a Zombie Strike blaster slated to come out this fall for $39.99. According to the article, it’ll be available at most major retailers as well as

This beast of a blaster looks like another bastard-child blaster, this time the result of some sordid relationship between the FlipFury and SlingFire. If you’ve taken a look at the article, they say that:

The action lever also provides a quick reset for the next dart, a la the excellently designed SlingFire rifle.

However, we don’t believe that this is the case (they don’t provide the marketing blurb in the article, so we’re just going on appearances and logic). If you’ve gotten your hands on the FlipFury, you’ll know that the secondary trigger simply activates the mechanism to rotate the cylinders around. We believe that the two-fingered lever here performs the same function. We think that the fore-grip is actually what primes the blaster and advances the individual cylinder to the next dart. We’ve emailed our contact at Nerf in hopes of more information on this blaster, and will update this article accordingly.

 Update 02/10/15:


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99 /Available: Fall 2015)

Capacity is key when it comes to fighting zombies, and the ZOMBIE STRIKE DOOMINATOR blaster delivers the highest capacity of a ZOMBIE STRIKE blaster yet. With an unprecedented four revolving dart drums and a total capacity of 24 ZOMBIE STRIKE darts, the DOOMINATOR blaster is crucial to players in their fight against the undead. Available at most major retailers and

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  • Blee Ng

    January 22, 2015

    This gun looks so awesome. I agree with you guys, though, it would make more sense for the lever to rotate the cylinders and the foregrip handle to prime. Judging by the pic, It looks like the foregrip is able to slide, too. I’mgoing to do a quick write up on this blaster for my website, Nerf Gun Attachments. I’ll credit you guys. Thanks.


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