Our Advertising Policy

We believe that advertisements should be as unobtrusive as possible, and we go to great lengths to make sure that is the way any advertisements or affiliate links are presented. We won’t ever push pop-ups or annoying video or audio ads on your screen. Good advertising provides benefit to all parties involved, and that’s what we shoot for.

Any money made off of advertising or affiliate links goes directly back in to making our site and videos better. We do this as a not-for-profit venture. We do have a company that does make some money for us, and that goes by the name Random Hat (.net). We started that company to make money selling toys and games, and while we may list some of our items here, a small percentage of that money goes back in to Nerd Drop, but the rest goes back in to our company. All other links (Amazon Affiliate links) go directly back in to Nerd Drop.

Thank you for helping us make our site and videos better!

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