Knex K-Force K-10x Blaster Unboxing & Review

In this video we take a look at one of the smaller Knex K-Force blasters, The K-10x. Availiable exclusively at Toys R Us this blaster is definitely $14.99 cool! (It appears as though all of the K-Force line is available exclusively at Toys ‘R Us, at least for now.)

We found in the course of making this video that if your K-Force blaster comes with a buildable target, the face of the target is part of the packaging (this includes the dart packs). So be careful when opening your blaster/dart pack!

To combine the K-10x blaster with the Mini Cross blaster, Knex has instructions available on their website (Link to PDF).



Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Behind the Blaster

Nerf and zombies have become best friends since the Zombie Strike line came out, and the line has been sort of a proving ground for new and exciting ideas for blasters.  One of Nerf’s newest additions to Zombie Strike is the FlipFury, a single fire blaster akin to the Strongarm… actually it’s a Strongarm that got the Arnold Schwarzenegger treatment.  Two rotating cylinders holding 6 darts each mounted over and under with a trigger that switches them on the fly… Yeah it’s pretty cool.  Check out this Behind the Blaster video that showcases the FlipFury in all its wondrous glory.  Special thanks to our friends at Nerf for shooting this our way.



More information on Orbbalistics

We’ve got some new information and pictures from Marshmallow Fun Co. the creators of Marshmallow Shooters. We’d posted some information previously from our friend Vas of FoamFromAbove, but we managed to get some information directly from the source.

MFC has told us that the Orbballistics line will be on shelves in the 4th quarter of 2015. Their pamphlet from ToyFair says 3rd quarter, but we believe that the release may have been pushed back since that was printed (or retailers will get it in 3rd quarter for a 4th quarter release).

We’ve reached out to MFC for information on pricing and availability. We’ll update you with more information as we receive it!


Marshmallow Fun enters the foam fray

Our friend Vas at FoamFromAbove has been following Marshmallow Fun for some time, but we’ve not been that interested in them…         …until now! Mostly because we’re not huge fans of disposable ammo (even if it’s delicious). At New York ToyFair, they’ve revealed that they’re coming out with two different ammo types for two new blaster lines!


Above you can see their new ‘Orb’ ammo, which are reminiscent of the Koosh Vortex ammo (or at least has a similar idea behind it) and below is the Helix blaster. I’m very interested in this ammo and the blasters that will fire it, they’ve completely come out and surprised me with them. I would think that these orbs will get a good range due to the effect of the airfoil  (Though they don’t seem like TRUE airfoils, they could benefit from the same principle).

10868206_10152709257145678_7638135389283559618_n (1)

The Foamfury blaster by all appearances is the same as their Marshmallow Shooters line, except this blaster comes with little earplug-like foam pellets. Whether or not these pellets will be cross compatible with those blasters we don’t know yet, but we’re excited to get our hands on them!


Check the links below and back here at Nerd Drop for more information on these and more as we get it!

(Thanks to Vas at FoamFromAbove for allowing us to use his images and sharing information)



ToyFair ’15 Look at K’nex blasters

We haven’t posted anything about these quite yet (I wanted to wait for the press kit), but we were lucky to get some images from our friend Vas at FoamFromAbove.

I’ve owned my fair share of K’nex sets when I was younger, and the more I learn about these, the more I want to hunt down my box of parts to prepare to build something awesome! From what we’ve been hearing, these blasters are surprisingly good.10991391_10152710401915678_4375508087200175814_n

Though I’ve been a fan of K’nex for a long time, I’ve been apprehensive about these blasters knowing that some times the rods can snap and they can slip out of the clips. But Vas has told us that they’ve managed to figure out how to avoid those problems. Whether it’s a stronger plastic or not, we don’t yet know, but if you look at the image below, you can see a special piece (the black piece on the rod) that’s designed to give these blasters more structural stability than they would otherwise have by preventing the rods from slipping out of the clips. It definitely soothes some of the concerns that I’ve had about these blasters from K’nex.



Check the links below and back here at Nerd Drop for more information on these and more as we get it!

(Thanks to Vas at FoamFromAbove for allowing us to use his images and sharing information)