Rewards for Nerf Products finally back!

Back in the 90’s, Kenner had a program to reward purchasers of Nerf products with points that you could cut out of the box and mail in for discounted Nerf ammo. Now, Hasbro has brought that program back with a vengeance with the Nerf Perks program!

Open to Nerf purchasers in the US who are 18+, simply sign up at (if you use our link, you’ll get an extra 50 points on signup). Once you sign up, you can start turning in UPCs and Receipts for points! You can get exclusive digital wallpapers, unique posters, ammo packs, and of course, various blasters. What’s available is subject to change, so keep checking back.

Here’s a PDF list of how many points you can get for the blasters currently on the market that are┬áincluded in the program.

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