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10 Places to buy Blasters online

Finding Nerf, BoomCo, Zing, Zuru, BuzzBee, and other blasters isn’t too difficult, but there are more than just the obvious big box stores to buy them from online. Some stores have exclusive series or individual blasters, so places like Amazon or eBay may have the same blaster for a significantly higher price (Exclusives are noted where possible).

  • – One of the best places to find all of the brands listed above in one spot. They don’t have sales on blasters as often as some of the other places on this list, but if you have Amazon Prime, you can’t beat free shipping. (Nerf, BoomCo, Zing, Zuru, BuzzBee, Prime Time Toys (Dart Zone))
  • – A good place to find Nerf, Boomco, and BuzzBee blasters. They don’t have the largest selection of each brand, but they have a good selection of a large number of brands at prices that are often slightly below MSRP because they are such a large retailer.
  • – Target often has exclusive rights to blasters for a period of time (usually the first year a series is out). Current exclusives are: Nerf Doomlands (expected to end some time in the middle of 2016), BoomCo Colossal Blitz, BoomCo White & Blue Breakflip, BoomCo White & Blue Flipbow, and Prime Time Toys’ Dart Zone Powerbolt. (Nerf, BoomCo, Zing, Zuru, BuzzBee, Prime Time Toys)
  • – K-Mart offers a wide selection of blasters across many brands. Like Target or Walmart, they often have sales and offer prices at or below MSRP.  (Nerf, Zing, Zuru, BuzzBee)
  • – They only carry Nerf and BoomCo blasters currently. Prices can be lower or up to 25% higher than MSRP, so you should definitely compare each blaster’s price to the same blaster on other stores listed here. (Nerf, BoomCo)
  • – A good place to find Nerf Blasters at or below MSRP, since it’s Hasbro’s official online store.
  • – A good place to find BoomCo Blasters at or below MSRP, since it’s Mattel’s official online store.
  • eBay – A good place to find blasters, accessories, off-brand darts, and more. You can find new and used blasters, and is the best place to find blasters that are no longer available on store shelves.
  • Nerf Exchange SubReddit – A great place to find used blasters of all sorts, and you have the benefit of being able to post that you want to buy a certain blaster, blaster part, or accessory. The major down side is that you have to arrange payment yourself and you take a risk in buying from someone you may not know.
  • Taobao – Taobao is a Chinese website that offers many different ‘knockoff’ and name brand blasters, as well as accessories and ammo. If you’re purchasing from the US or another western country, you’ll probably need to go through a purchasing agent (such as or in order to buy something. They’ll charge a percentage of the sale price to buy it and send it on to you. It will take a bit longer than many of the other sites in this list, but you can often find things here that can’t be found elsewhere. Be sure to read up on one of the agent websites to better understand how the transaction works. It’s not as straightforward as the other sites listed here.  (Nerf, BoomCo, Zing, Zuru, BuzzBee, Prime Time Toys (Dart Zone))


Honorable Mention

  • – Shop Goodwill is the online marketplace that Goodwill hosts, and has many different items available for purchase. They don’t have the largest selection of blasters, and often times they are rather generically listed, but they do offer discounted lots of old and new blasters. If you’re looking for a deal on an older blaster, it may be worth checking this site periodically.



Do you have any other places that you buy blasters online? Leave a comment below with your suggestions, we always love hearing from you!

Nerf Splitstrike officially announced!

Today we received official word that the Nerf Splitstrike will be coming out Fall of this year (August 1st is set as the precise date) as a Walmart exclusive for $19.99.

This is a little spendy in my mind, but one also has to keep in mind that this is basically two firestrikes that have two barrels with smart ARs. Not to mention it’s an exclusive. That’s bound to make the price a bit higher, even at Walmart.

Stick close to for more information on this and other blasters as we get it! Also follow us on Twitter at @nerddrop! Official pictures coming soon! 


Prime Time Toys’ Dart Zone Scorpion Blaster Review & Giveaway

In this video, we take a look at Prime Time Toys’  Dart Zone Scorpion Blaster! Enter our contest using the form below. Be sure to share your referral link as much as you can! You gain another entry for every person you refer (not each time you post/share the link).

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Contest ends Friday, March 13th, 2015. Unfortunately we can’t send outside the US & Canada right now, but we will have a worldwide contest in the near future.

The Scorpion blaster is available exclusively from Walmart at this time.